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A woman demonstrates that she needs chiropractic care.

9 Reasons You Should See a Chiropractor

By Alpine Spinal Rehab | Sep 10, 2018

Pain relief is the most common association a person has with a chiropractor. However, there are many other reasons why individuals seek out chiropractic care. Here are 9 of the most popular reasons why patients visit the chiropractor’s office: 1. The Relief and Prevention of Back and Neck Pain Chiropractic care produces great results, when…

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A woman demonstrates her good posture in a yoga move.

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Posture

By Alpine Spinal Rehab | Aug 10, 2018

What is Posture? Posture refers to the alignment of our bodies when we stand, sit, or lie down. Good posture means that our body is correctly aligned, so that our body parts are supported against gravity by the right amount of muscle tension. There are certain muscles that maintain our posture for us. The hamstrings…

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Illustration of a woman experiencing pain in her shoulder.

Hot or Cold? When to Use a Heating Pad or an Ice Pack

By Alpine Spinal Rehab | Jul 20, 2018

Hot or Cold? When to Use a Heating Pad or an Ice Pack When you injure yourself while playing sports, exercising or simply moving heavy objects, you may think of reaching for a heating pad or an ice pack. However, depending on the kind of injury, the temperature of the treatment is important. When to…

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How to keep you Spine healthy

5 ways to Look After your Spine

By Alpine Spinal Rehab | Jun 18, 2018

5 ways to Look After your Spine Our spines are wonderfully made of 24 movable bones that are able to support our weight, hold us upright and protect our spinal cord. This is an extremely important function as our spinal cord and nervous system is responsible for the movement and coordination of the rest of…

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MedX Cervical Extension

By Alpine Spinal Rehab | May 15, 2018

The MedX Cervical Extension machine is used to strengthen the muscles and upper region of the neck. It accomplishes this by isolating the targeted muscles and neutralizing the larger muscles surrounding it. In order to do that, we have to eliminate any shoulder movement and forward/backward motions so the only movement comes from the neck.…

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Foods that keep your Spine healthy

8 Foods to Keep your Spine Healthy

By Alpine Spinal Rehab | May 15, 2018

8 Foods to Keep your Spine Healthy A healthy diet is part of a person’s general health and well being but there are foods we can eat to improve and maintain certain parts of our body. Our spine is important to look after as it houses our spinal cord, holds us upright and aids in…

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MedX Lumbar Extension

By Alpine Spinal Rehab | May 4, 2018

The Lumbar Extension machine was created to treat chronic lower back pain. It targets your lower back function to decrease pain levels, restore spinal function, and improve your quality of life. This machine is designed to isolate and exercise the paraspinal erector spinae muscle groups of the lumbar spine. While there are other lower back…

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Muscle Asymmetries

By Alpine Spinal Rehab | Apr 30, 2018

In general, most people do not have perfectly symmetrical features. One eye is more squinty than the other, our thumbs are different sizes, our smiles are crooked, etc. But have you noticed that your muscles are also imbalanced? What is Muscle Imbalance? A muscle imbalance happens when the size or strength of a muscle on…

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MedX Equipment

By Alpine Spinal Rehab | Apr 20, 2018

What exactly is MedX? MedX is a brand of advanced rehabilitation equipment designed specifically for the isolation and treatment of chronic back pain and dysfunction. It is considered the “Gold Standard” for treating and reducing back pain. MedX treats and reduces chronic back pain and dysfunction through specific spinal strengthening exercises using the MedX™ Lumbar…

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