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Diaphragmatic Breathing

By Alpine Spinal Rehab | Mar 16, 2018

What it is: Diaphragmatic breathing uses a muscle called the diaphragm to fill and empty your lungs. The diaphragm is…

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TMJ with Dr.Ryan

By Alpine Spinal Rehab | Mar 9, 2018

What is TMJ? TMJ refers to Temporomandibular Joint dysfunction (TMD) a.k.a. clicking or locking of the jaw. Sound familiar? Up…

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Is your Cell Phone Causing Neck Pain?

By Alpine Spinal Rehab | Mar 1, 2018

Tech neck What it is: Technological advances are usually seen as a good thing, but sometimes technology can have a…

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Peripheral Neuropathy

By Alpine Spinal Rehab | Feb 16, 2018

Peripheral Neuropathy:   What it is: The peripheral nerves make up an intricate network that connects the brain and spinal cord to…

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Relieve your headache at Provo Chiropractor

By Alpine Spinal Rehab | Feb 8, 2018

What causes headaches? Headaches are one of the most common medical complaints; Most people experience them at some point in…

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Get Sciatica treated at our Provo Chiropractor or our Orem Chiropractor

What is Sciatica and How is it Treated?

By Alpine Spinal Rehab | Jan 31, 2018

Understanding Sciatica Sciatica is caused when the large sciatic nerve becomes irritated or compressed by a damaged spinal disk in…

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Provo Chiropractor Spinal Accident rehab in Orem Utah

What Happens to you when you get Whiplash?

By Alpine Spinal Rehab | Dec 5, 2017

Provo and Orem Chiropractor Jerry Clark Explains Whiplash More than 1 million people suffer whiplash injuries each year and about…

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Keeping Back and Spine Healthy at Work with Provo Chiropractor

How to Keep Your Back and Spine Healthy at Work

By Alpine Spinal Rehab | Nov 7, 2017

Back Pain and Problems from Sitting at Work all Day. If you’re a working person in America, chances are, you…

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Carpal Tunnel Treatment by Provo Chiropractor

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

By Alpine Spinal Rehab | Oct 18, 2017

What are the Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Often times carpal tunnel syndrome does not sprout up out of nowhere.…

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