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Everyone’s body is different, the nutrients and vitamins your body need may vary from that of your neighbor. But this isn’t really new information, right? If we know everyone has a unique body composition and chemistry, why are we settling for treatment that is a generalization?

Functional Medicine is the study of how and why illnesses occur in the body, and how it can restore one’s health by addressing the root causes of the disease for each patient’s unique health levels. The Functional Medicine approach is a highly individualized, and patient-centered one. It does not adhere to the “one stop shop” for any one type of problem in the human body. It relies heavily on a detailed understanding of the patient’s biochemical, genetic, and lifestyle factors. With this data, personalized treatment plans are then put together so that it is uniquely tailored to the exact needs of the patient.

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Because of the extensive testing done on each patient’s blood work, our doctors are able to get readings on


Thyroid Dysfunction




Food Sensitivities




Unexplained Weight Gain



Many people experience symptoms despite having “normal” lab results. Discover why this happens and what to know and do to feel better!

What To Expect

When a patient makes an appointment for a Functional Medicine visit with Vitality by Alpine, they can expect the following:

  1. Visit one will be a free consultation, to assess the patient’s concerns, and see if functional medicine is right for you.
  2. Visit two will be blood work day. Our in-house phlebotomist will take samples of your blood, and send them out for analyzing at a lab.
  3. Visit three is when you come back to go over your blood work results with one of our amazing doctors. From here, we will address areas that need improvement, areas that are looking good, suggested vitamins and minerals, and a tailored dietary plan with scheduled check ups with us.

Vitality By Alpine

Alpine Spinal Rehab has recently opened up a functional medicine division called Vitality by Alpine! Now, before you ask yourself, “What does a chiropractor know about examining and evaluating blood tests?” let us say that the division is led by our part-time doctor, Dr. Braden Frampton. Dr. Frampton received his Doctorate of Functional Medicine from the University of Bridgeport. While there, he received certificates in: Achievement in Functional Blood Chemistry, Mastery of Blood Chemistry, and Mastery of Thyroid.

We bring Dr. Frampton’s expertise into our functional medicine program. Since we aim to bring all aspects of wellness to our clients, we decided to give our patients another option and outlook on achieving all around health.

Scheduling spots are filling up fast, so please call our main office (801)-901-3288 to reserve a spot and get your health on the track that’s right for you!

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