The MedX Cervical Extension machine is used to strengthen the muscles and upper region of the neck. It accomplishes this by isolating the targeted muscles and neutralizing the larger muscles surrounding it. In order to do that, we have to eliminate any shoulder movement and forward/backward motions so the only movement comes from the neck. Restraints are used to immobilize your shoulders. Pads are then used press your back against the back rest to stop forward and backward motions.

The Cervical Extension machine also features dual weight stacks with a 1.5-inch stroke length during a full-range dynamic contraction. Because of this short stroke length, risk of impact forces or internal friction are greatly reduced. Weight can be selected at 3 inch pound increments from 30 to 900 inch pounds of resistance. Isolation testing can be performed every 3 degrees through a normal 126 degree range of motion.

We recommend the use of this machine for anyone experiencing neck pains. Your cervical muscles are continually supporting the weight of your head. Because of this, headaches and neck pains are a common complaint. The MedX Cervical Extension machine is proven to be an effective solution for patients suffering from these symptoms.

If you have noticed neck pains or headaches, contact Alpine Spinal Rehabilitation Center to schedule an appointment and eliminate your pain.


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