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Provo Chiropractor Patients Love Alpine Spinal Rehab!

    Mary Peck Avatar

    5 star rating   I highly recommend Dr. Clark and Dr. Vanchiere. They are concerned about the reason why I hurt and not just hand me a pain pill and tell me to deal with it. I have been having pain in my knee and leg for several years. I have... read more

    Mary Peck 8/31/2017
    Mohan Dhar Avatar

    5 star rating   I honestly love what they are doing here. They started off with an X-ray, went over the result with me, and created a treatment plan. So far it has been a great experience. It is quick and painless and I am seeing results. I usually get adjusted first and then... read more

    Mohan Dhar 11/02/2017
    Leslie Black Avatar

    5 star rating   Love the friendly staff. They use a different technique to adjust me instead of the manual manipulation. Massage has also been a huge part of my healing. Highly recommended!

    Leslie Black 11/01/2017
    Krista Adams Avatar

    5 star rating   This office is wonderful. The staff is friendly and easy to work with. When I was in extreme pain, they did not make me suffer in the waiting room. They immediately took me to the back and did the electrical stimulation to easy my pain. Also, this office utilizes HIGH... read more

    Krista Adams 9/29/2017
    Sydney Howard Avatar

    5 star rating   Dr. V has helped me from an injury I sustained during a rock climbing fall. In the past 3 weeks I've gone from incredible discomfort to almost no pain, and I'm wrapping up my physical therapy now. All of the employees are really kind and helpful and make you feel... read more

    Sydney Howard 10/17/2017

    James W. Avatar

    5 star rating   If you're looking for a quick crack and pop then Alpine probably isn't for you. If you're looking to feel better and stay feeling better then Dr Clark and Dr Vanchiere for you! Full treatment with adjustment, equipment and massage. I love this place.

    James W. 2/02/2016
    Nicole I. Avatar

    5 star rating   Alpine Spinal Rehab has an awesome environment and moves like clockwork! I love the staff and the work they do is phenomenal. This is the only place I've heard of that does a combo of chiropractic and physical therapy. The massage therapy is a plus, too. Definitely recommend!

    Nicole I. 2/06/2017
    Terence B. Avatar

    5 star rating   Alpine Spinal Rehab does a great job. They have invested in great technology to help in assessing their patients and putting together a plan to cure their ailments.

    Terence B. 11/17/2015

    Casey Cheney Avatar

    5 star rating   Many years ago I went to a different local chiropractor. I went regularly but I never had any progress with my pain. I had been diagnosed with mild scoliosis, uneven hips, and arthritis. My husband had happened upon Dr. Clark and told me to give it a shot. I was... read more

    Casey Cheney 12/21/2016
    Wayne R. Hartzell Avatar

    4 star rating   I had a massage here awhile ago and really liked the relaxing atmosphere. I left with much less stress and intend to return!

    Wayne R. Hartzell 12/26/2016
    Matt Moody Avatar

    5 star rating   Alpine Spinal Rehab is the real deal. They truly care about their clients and do the right thing. They are comprehensive and thorough with the diagnosis and treatment process. If you live in pain and would like to start feeling better, go visit the good people of Alpine Spinal Rehab!

    Matt Moody 1/08/2016
    Heidi Christensen Avatar

    5 star rating   I love it here!! I'm feeling so much better, and getting stronger. I came in with carpal tunnel and the doc was able to fix it.

    Heidi Christensen 1/09/2017
    Eden Pires Avatar

    5 star rating   I'm a massage therapist myself and people always ask me for advice. Because of my busy schedule with work and school, I always refer them to Alpine Spinal Rehab to see Dr. Clark for chiropractic and Keleigh Bonini for massage. Whenever I have a problem, they always fix... read more

    Eden Pires 12/20/2016
    Kenzie Elaine Nelson Avatar

    5 star rating   I had such a wonderful experience here at Alpine Spinal Rehab!! I was referred to them by a friend of mine because I work a full time retail management job and have some serious back problems. So far, I've just participated in the massage therapy part of the office, and... read more

    Kenzie Elaine Nelson 7/26/2017

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