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Provo Chiropractor Patients Love Alpine Spinal Rehab!

Natalie Hudson Avatar

This is such a positive environment! The objective of all employees and the doctors is to have lasting results and they make that very clear in the first visits! Each time I've been adjusted it was explained to me what was happening, what we will do in the following visits... read more

Natalie Hudson 1/12/2018
Thomas Kaiser Avatar

I have been frequenting this business for about at least a month now and every time I feel like I am valued by the staff. From the time I walk in the doors until I meet with one of the doctors, I am attended and welcomed. More importantly than the... read more

Thomas Kaiser 3/16/2018
Leslie Black Avatar

Love the friendly staff. They use a different technique to adjust me instead of the manual manipulation. Massage has also been a huge part of my healing. Highly recommended!

Leslie Black 11/01/2017
Mohan Dhar Avatar

I honestly love what they are doing here. They started off with an X-ray, went over the result with me, and created a treatment plan. So far it has been a great experience. It is quick and painless and I am seeing results. I usually get adjusted first and then... read more

Mohan Dhar 11/02/2017
Christine Higgins Avatar

fantastic office! Great doctors and such a great support staff. I’m not from the area and found them by doing a quick google search. I explained my pain and they got me right in. My treatment was so precise and helpful. I do not have insurance but found their prices... read more

Christine Higgins 3/06/2018
Amy Keyes Avatar

They do such a great job here. I have tried so many different chiropractors and no one has been able to help me until I started coming here. Finally, chiropractor services that make a difference. Also, staff is so friendly and helpful! Thank you Alpine Spinal Rehab!

Amy Keyes 5/16/2018
wanda taylor Avatar

I have gone to chiropractors for years with back and neck issues. I appreciate the more gentle way of adjustment from methods used in my past experiences. The doctors and staff are very efficient, kind and courteous. I've been able to get more flexibility, range of motion and stronger using... read more

wanda taylor 2/02/2018
Heidi C Avatar

Moved to UT looking for a new chiropractor and then found this place which gives non evasive ways of adjusting and focuses on the marriage of muscles and bones verses other chiropractors. Always feel better after i go. Great treatments, staff and never got such a good bang for my... read more

Heidi C 2/28/2018
Mary Peck Avatar

I highly recommend Dr. Clark and Dr. Vanchiere. They are concerned about the reason why I hurt and not just hand me a pain pill and tell me to deal with it. I have been having pain in my knee and leg for several years. I have... read more

Mary Peck 8/31/2017
Krista Adams Avatar

This office is wonderful. The staff is friendly and easy to work with. When I was in extreme pain, they did not make me suffer in the waiting room. They immediately took me to the back and did the electrical stimulation to easy my pain. Also, this office utilizes HIGH... read more

Krista Adams 9/29/2017
Ashley Young Avatar

My husband and I were in a bad car accident awhile ago, and our lawyer suggested Alpine Spinal Rehab to make sure we were fully healed before the settlement. The doctors and team here are amazing. They get to know you personally and care about your well-being. I've never been... read more

Ashley Young 2/22/2018
Jonathan West Avatar

This is my first time doing an involved treatment for my back and overall it has been a positive experience. The staff is friendly and I really like that they have been very flexible with my schedule. I work night shifts and it's a struggle for me to... read more

Jonathan West 4/06/2018
Sydney Howard Avatar

Dr. V has helped me from an injury I sustained during a rock climbing fall. In the past 3 weeks I've gone from incredible discomfort to almost no pain, and I'm wrapping up my physical therapy now. All of the employees are really kind and helpful and make you feel... read more

Sydney Howard 10/17/2017
Sinda Cabrera Avatar

Dr. Clark & Dr. V have done more for me in the first 3 months than other Chiropractors have taken years; and not achieved anything. I'm in my 50's and had destroyed my body when I was young & dumb. Not to mention the water & snow skiing. I was... read more

Sinda Cabrera 2/26/2018
mahina bantilan Avatar

I’ve had nothing but great experiences here. Everyone is very friendly and personable from the start to the end of the appointment. First, the receptionists all really know how to welcome you to the office. Second, the doctors always make sure I’m getting the adjustments I need and are considerate... read more

mahina bantilan 4/27/2018

James W. Avatar

5 star rating If you're looking for a quick crack and pop then Alpine probably isn't for you. If you're looking to feel better and stay feeling better then Dr Clark and Dr Vanchiere for you! Full treatment with adjustment, equipment and massage. I love this place.

James W. 2/02/2016
Nicole I. Avatar

5 star rating Alpine Spinal Rehab has an awesome environment and moves like clockwork! I love the staff and the work they do is phenomenal. This is the only place I've heard of that does a combo of chiropractic and physical therapy. The massage therapy is a plus, too. Definitely recommend!

Nicole I. 2/06/2017
McKenzie B. Avatar

5 star rating Great service! I've been to other chiropractors and the difference betweeen Alpine Spinal Rehab and other chiropractors is so noticeable. ASR really took their time getting to know my body and my concerns. Their program focuses on long term results instead of quick fixes and their staff is very personable.... read more

McKenzie B. 12/04/2017

Jessie Jensen Applegate Avatar

I am amazed at how much better my back feels after just a few short weeks of therapy. After 25 years of pain every single day to just a mild aching every once in awhile. I HIGHLY recommend their services and sticking to their program. If you... read more

Jessie Jensen Applegate 1/15/2018
Matt Moody Avatar

Alpine Spinal Rehab is the real deal. They truly care about their clients and do the right thing. They are comprehensive and thorough with the diagnosis and treatment process. If you live in pain and would like to start feeling better, go visit the good people of... read more

Matt Moody 1/08/2016
Nicole Infanzon Avatar

Alpine Spinal Rehab has an awesome environment and moves like clockwork! I love the staff and the work they do is phenomenal. This is the only place I've heard of that does a combo of chiropractic and physical therapy. The massage therapy is a plus, too. Definitely recommend!

Nicole Infanzon 1/09/2017
Annie Larsen Avatar

I really appreciate how much dr vanchiere and dr Clark genuinely care about the rehabilitation process. The whole office is super helpful and kind! Love it here!

Annie Larsen 5/04/2017
Josh Bendoski Avatar

Alpine Spinal Rehab has a world class facility and the Dr's and staff are absolutely amazing. If you are having headaches or back pain then go and visit Alpine Spinal Rehab!

Josh Bendoski 1/08/2016
Mollie Hunt Avatar

The staff and doctors are very friendly, and the office is run very efficiently. When I had some concerns about my care and visits they were addressed immediately by Dr. Vanchiere. I recommend!

Mollie Hunt 5/08/2017
Leilani Wilson Avatar

This is the ONLY place I trust for chiropractic adjustments! Professional and personal care is �����

Leilani Wilson 1/10/2017
Doug-Danielle Allred Raddatz Avatar

Alpine Spinal Rehab is wonderful! After trying pain medication after pain medication with side effects but no relief, I finally felt some relief for my headache pain and other related symptoms IMMEDIATELY after seeing Dr. Clark. All of the office staff is so kind and caring and encouraging.... read more

Doug-Danielle Allred Raddatz 5/07/2015
Darrell Pickering Avatar

I like how they work with me and they do a great job supporting me and motivating me to be healthy! I would recommend them for needed help with chiropractic care! 🙂

Darrell Pickering 7/26/2017
Brinley Welch Avatar

Great fun people. The doctor really cares! And I feel so much better!

Brinley Welch 10/19/2017
Maui Mafi Avatar

Alpine Spinal Rehab has been really good to me and my needs. The doctors, assitints and therapist have been very helpful to my needs. I feel a really good difference from the time I got to a car accident till now. Good place to be if you have any back,... read more

Maui Mafi 4/27/2017
B.J. Blazkowicz Avatar

As a lifetime bodybuilder and powerlifter, my back and hips have taken a beating over the years.

Years ago I had L5 lumbar issues. I went through Dr Clark's Med-Ex program with his adjustments. After the program my back was close to 100% and eventually was able to... read more

B.J. Blazkowicz 8/27/2017
Brianne Katz Avatar

Dr. Mike is amazing. He truly cares about his patients. Not only that, he is extremely thorough and smart. I have never been to a chiro before that was so diligent about getting me better. Thank you Dr. Mike!

Brianne Katz 11/17/2016
Eden Pires Avatar

I'm a massage therapist myself and people always ask me for advice. Because of my busy schedule with work and school, I always refer them to Alpine Spinal Rehab to see Dr. Clark for chiropractic and Keleigh Bonini for massage. Whenever I have a problem, they always fix... read more

Eden Pires 12/20/2016
Peter Black Avatar

Yay for amazing massages! I would recommend this to anyone!

Peter Black 1/20/2017
Donna Andrus Scordari Avatar

I love that this center has a complex approach to fixing back/neck pain. It isn't just about massages or just about chiropractics--it's about integrating both along with state-of-the art muscle training equipment to really get to the root of the problem. I also really enjoy having my spine adjusted without... read more

Donna Andrus Scordari 12/21/2016
Desiree' Juelson Avatar

I have been coming here for several months now. This is my first chiropractor and I will never want to go anywhere else. The office is clean, kind and timely. I am not sure what I love more, being able to turn my head fully now or the amazing people.... read more

Desiree' Juelson 12/29/2016
James Webster Avatar

Full service treatment at Alpine. Not just the crack and pop but they really help you feel better and stay feeling better.

James Webster 2/02/2016
Jocelyn Wertz Avatar

Dr. Vanchiere is an amazing chiropractor! He has helped me in so many ways! He is fun and charismatic, yet serious about your spine! I recommend him to everyone I know- his adjustments have helped me feel so good! No headaches anymore! He is the best!!!

Jocelyn Wertz 3/01/2017
Sariah Medrano-Nsabimana Avatar

This is one of the best places to get a massage! affordable prices and nice staff, we even took my mom and mother-in-law here and they loved it !

Sariah Medrano-Nsabimana 12/25/2016
Elizabeth Johnson Craig Avatar

I love that Alpine Spinal Rehab takes care of every aspect of the healing process for their patients. Dr. Clark and Dr. Vanchiere are so skilled to help each individual regain their health, strength and mobility. I love how they are aware and conscientious of their patients time as... read more

Elizabeth Johnson Craig 12/20/2016
Melanie Collins Avatar

If you want yo feel better...You must come to Alpine Spinal Rehab. I was in an accident and suffering migraines. I now feel great and no longer have that problem!

Melanie Collins 12/22/2016
Kimm De Serrano Avatar

I was very pleased with the care I received there. My back pain got better immediately The doctors are amazing and the staff is awesome especially the office manager Julie. Thanks alpine

Kimm De Serrano 12/30/2016
Cindy Wing Christen Avatar

I have been going to Dr. Clark for over 30 years. The only chiropractor I have seen. He has always been able to help me. Love getting massages there also. �

Cindy Wing Christen 1/17/2017
Briana Castillo Avatar

Alpine Spinal is great! Great staff and overall good quality care. Always leave feeling better!

Briana Castillo 7/27/2017
Amber Vanchiere Avatar

The best chiropractic care around!� They have such a friendly staff and autmosphere.

Amber Vanchiere 1/18/2017
Wayne R. Hartzell Avatar

I had a massage here awhile ago and really liked the relaxing atmosphere. I left with much less stress and intend to return!

Wayne R. Hartzell 12/26/2016
Gina Christensen Avatar

So glad I can walk again! The people / family of this office are amazing! They care! They help!

Gina Christensen 4/12/2015
Jonathan E Shultz Avatar

Dr. Vanchiere is an incredible doctor, and a really special guy. His knowledge of the human body, what it takes to make it healthy, and skills of adjusting are sure to help you and your family. I highly recommend his care for all!

Jonathan E Shultz 11/17/2016
Trisha Lindley Nielson Avatar

I visited them a few different rounds after injuries and to heal. I love the massages and I love Dr. Clark and I love Julie on the staff everyone is excited to see you and help you along your healing process.

Trisha Lindley Nielson 12/20/2016
Jordan Bissegger Yates Avatar

So I seriously can't say enough good things about Alpine Spinal Rehab center. I am not usually the type of person who leaves a internet review of any kind good or bad, but because of my experience with the doctors and staff at Alpine Rehab Center, I decided that I... read more

Jordan Bissegger Yates 12/21/2017
Amber Whiting Parish Avatar

I highly recommend Alpine Spinal Rehab! The combination of chiropractic adjustments with physical therapy is what I need to recover from car accident injury! Workouts on the MedX machines allow me to recover the strength in my back and neck to get well while building the strength to stay well.... read more

Amber Whiting Parish 4/14/2016
Carson Call Avatar

Dr. Clark and Dr. V want you to be healthy, which was one of my favorite things about these guys. They not only pop and crack, but they use equipment to build muscles to support the back. If you want to get feeling better and have a natural muscle back... read more

Carson Call 12/31/2016
Kassandra Tejeda Avatar

This place is amazing! I've seen major improvements on my back and neck! Definitely would recommend to everyone looking for a great chiropractors office!

Kassandra Tejeda 7/27/2017
Brittany Mecham Avatar

I came in and got a massage before my college finals week and it was SO nice! The staff was very professional and I loved how affordable and high quality the massage was. I definitely will be going back!

Brittany Mecham 1/11/2017
Terence K Brown Avatar

Alpine Spinal Rehab is excellent! They take great care of their patients and treat to cure.

Terence K Brown 11/17/2015
Margaret Wykstra Adamson Avatar

They are offering a great $29 special right now that includes a half hour massage!

Margaret Wykstra Adamson 7/24/2014
Kenzie Elaine Nelson Avatar

I had such a wonderful experience here at Alpine Spinal Rehab!! I was referred to them by a friend of mine because I work a full time retail management job and have some serious back problems. So far, I've just participated in the massage therapy part of the office, and... read more

Kenzie Elaine Nelson 7/26/2017
Renee Smalley Avatar

Alpine spinal is one of a kind!! They are professional, yet you feel like you are visiting family when you walk in. They truly care about each patient and they are extremely accommodating.

Renee Smalley 12/21/2016
LeAnn Jarvis Pope Avatar

7 years post surgery for a Spinal Cord release. I am amazed that I can benefit from Chiropractic care again. Dr. Clark and Dr. Vanchiere have developed a treatment plan that considers my 'can do' activities and I'm so pleased with how much stronger I am. I have... read more

LeAnn Jarvis Pope 5/24/2017
Josie Taito Avatar

I loved going to Alpine Spinal Rehab! They have non-invasive equipment and I loved using the resistance machines.

Josie Taito 12/21/2016
Brooke Parsons Angus Avatar

I like that they have a massage therapist in the office and their technology was pretty updated when I went in. It was a good experience.

Brooke Parsons Angus 12/21/2016
Heidi Christensen Avatar

I love it here!! I'm feeling so much better, and getting stronger. I came in with carpal tunnel and the doc was able to fix it.

Heidi Christensen 1/09/2017
Patricia Moran La Mar Avatar

I'm so happy I found this place! I've always had positive experiences with chiropractic medicine bye Alpine Spinal Rehab is head and shoulders above any other practice I have used. I highly recommend them!

Patricia Moran La Mar 3/20/2017
Patricia Vega Cuevas Avatar

I really like it! And make me feel really good my pain and was gone my neck and my back you guys need to try it

Patricia Vega Cuevas 2/08/2015
Nicole Parish Avatar

Friendly office staff and treatment that works! Thanks!

Nicole Parish 5/23/2015
Angie Benson Avatar

Alpine spinal is amazing! The Drs care & give exceptional care to their patients- my neck went from not being able to barely move to full range!

Angie Benson 6/17/2016
Sean Hubbard Avatar

The doctors are very helpful and patient. They don't allow me to give up. They continue to help me to improve

Sean Hubbard 5/08/2017
Casey Cheney Avatar

Many years ago I went to a different local chiropractor. I went regularly but I never had any progress with my pain. I had been diagnosed with mild scoliosis, uneven hips, and arthritis. My husband had happened upon Dr. Clark and told me to give it a shot. I was... read more

Casey Cheney 12/21/2016
Brawnson Rewis Avatar

They are great. Happy to have them on my side after my accident.

Brawnson Rewis 1/05/2018
Paul O'Connor Avatar

ASR is still one of my favorites. Professional. Caring. Reasonable.

Paul O'Connor 12/21/2016
Sheri Sorensen Duffy Avatar

The staff and doctors are amazing. They have helped my neck and back more than anyone else. They truly care about their patients. It's always a great day when I can spend it with the doctors and staff at Alpine Spinal Rehab.

Sheri Sorensen Duffy 6/07/2017
Mike Taylor Avatar

Dr. Clark has helped me with the bulging vertebrae and in only a few visits I have been able to feel a definite decrease in the pain I had been experiencing due to the automobile accident wherein I received an injury to my neck resulting in the vertebrae.

Mike Taylor 8/03/2015

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