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Diaphragmatic Breathing

By Alpine Spinal Rehab | Mar 16, 2018

What it is: Diaphragmatic breathing uses a muscle called the diaphragm to fill and empty your lungs. The diaphragm is the most important muscle when it comes to breathing. This dome-shaped muscle sits in the lower rib cage, between the abdominal cavity (where your digestive tract sits) and the thoracic cavity (where your lungs and heart sit).…

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TMJ with Dr.Ryan

By Alpine Spinal Rehab | Mar 9, 2018

What is TMJ? TMJ refers to Temporomandibular Joint dysfunction (TMD) a.k.a. clicking or locking of the jaw. Sound familiar? Up to 25% of the population have or are currently experiencing this problem! The TMJ joint acts like a sliding hinge, connecting your jawbone to your skull. You have one joint on each side of your…

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Is your Cell Phone Causing Neck Pain?

By Alpine Spinal Rehab | Mar 1, 2018

Tech neck What it is: Technological advances are usually seen as a good thing, but sometimes technology can have a negative impact on the brain and body. In recent years, it’s been discovered that spine health can be negatively affected by the frequent use of hand-held technology. Understanding why this happens and knowing what you…

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Peripheral Neuropathy

By Alpine Spinal Rehab | Feb 16, 2018

Peripheral Neuropathy:   What it is: The peripheral nerves make up an intricate network that connects the brain and spinal cord to the muscles, skin, and internal organs. Peripheral nerves come out of the spinal cord and are arranged along lines in the body called dermatomes. Typically, damage to a nerve will affect one or more dermatomes, which can…

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Relieve your headache at Provo Chiropractor

By Alpine Spinal Rehab | Feb 8, 2018

What causes headaches? Headaches are one of the most common medical complaints; Most people experience them at some point in their life. More people complain about headaches than any other medical ailment. There are approximately 45 million Americans complaining of headaches each year. That works out to about one in every six people. What can…

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Get Sciatica treated at our Provo Chiropractor or our Orem Chiropractor

What is Sciatica and How is it Treated?

By Alpine Spinal Rehab | Jan 31, 2018

Understanding Sciatica Sciatica is caused when the large sciatic nerve becomes irritated or compressed by a damaged spinal disk in your lower spine. The Sciatic nerve is the largest single nerve in the body, which starts at the lower back and runs through both your hips, legs and feet. When the sciatic nerve is compressed,…

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Provo Chiropractor Spinal Accident rehab in Orem Utah

What Happens to you when you get Whiplash?

By Alpine Spinal Rehab | Dec 5, 2017

Provo and Orem Chiropractor Jerry Clark Explains Whiplash More than 1 million people suffer whiplash injuries each year and about 20% of those end up with chronic pain that affects their daily activities. In our Provo Chiropractor Office, we have seen many people’s lives affected by whiplash. The longest-running study ever done on whiplash patients…

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Keeping Back and Spine Healthy at Work with Provo Chiropractor

How to Keep Your Back and Spine Healthy at Work

By Alpine Spinal Rehab | Nov 7, 2017

Back Pain and Problems from Sitting at Work all Day. If you’re a working person in America, chances are, you are required to sit or stand for at least 8 hours a day. These long periods of inactivity are contributing to obvious health concerns like obesity and heart disease, but what might be less obvious…

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Carpal Tunnel Treatment by Provo Chiropractor

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

By Alpine Spinal Rehab | Oct 18, 2017

What are the Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Often times carpal tunnel syndrome does not sprout up out of nowhere. It comes gradually and can worsen over time. The first signs of carpal tunnel syndrome are found first in the index and middle fingers, and in the thumb. It can also spread discomfort through the…

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