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Relaxation $30 $45 $60 $90
Deep Tissue $40 $60 $80 $120
Prenatal $30 $45 $60 $90
Sports Injury $45 $69 $89 $138

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This type of massage focuses primarily on relaxing the muscles and clusters of muscle groups. Our backs and shoulders get sore when we are stressed. Massage can help your muscles relax, which will help communicate to the rest of your body that you can start fresh and stress-free!

This type of massage focuses more on pressure and trigger points. Therapists use less oil, and more pressure to release chronic muscle tension. This type of massage also focuses on activating the deepest layers of muscles and tendons in any specific area. Scientific studies have found that deep tissue massage is proven to help lower blood pressure, hormone levels, and lower heart rate.

This type of massage is specific to anyone who is in any stage of pregnancy. Because pregnancy adds additional stress and tension to joints and muscles, massage is an excellent way for pregnant patients find relief. Specifically, prenatal massage has been found to: relieve pain, discomfort, sleep better, and relieve anxiety and depression that may be caused by changes in hormones.

Massage Therapy Benefits


Relax aching muscles


Lower blood pressure


Reduce stress


Lower anxiety


Reduce injury recovery time


Reduce headache

Bring Your Life Back into Balance

With our massage techniques, we can help you revive and replenish your energy stores in the healthiest way possible. Whether you are looking for relief or pampering, come relax and enjoy a special massage therapy treatment from one of our licensed massage therapists.

A consumer survey from the American Massage Therapy Association reported that 78% of individuals say their number one reason for receiving a massage in the last year was a medical reason; the other 28% say their main reason was stress related. We know that massage therapy isn’t just a treat for people who want to pamper themselves. There is much more going on for your body when you get a massage, aside from simply “feeling relaxed”.

Everyone Want More Energy, But Some Sources Are Better Than Others

If you need to relax, if you have an injury, if you feel that massage will help you, we are here to provide balance. If you have been injured or experience a physical issue, we offer a variety of massage types that can provide healing. We will partner with you to give you the healing you need and the relaxation you want.

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